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The evaluation of roles will commence from 11 November 2019. A dedicated team of trained role analysts selected and released from colleges across the country will initially test evaluate roles and thereafter undertake the evaluation of all roles submitted for evaluation. This activity will be significant and take a considerable period of time. Regular updates will be provided throughout.

The ‘Job Evaluation for Employees’ and ‘Job Evaluation for Line Managers’ frequently asked question section have been updated to clarify arrangements where any support staff member covered by the NRPA refuses to participate in completing a role outline questionnaire.
Opportunities remain for any sector employee who wishes to be considered for release to act as a Role Analyst in support of the NJNC National Role Evaluation process.

Please note that scorers are now NOT expected to work at different college locations for this activity and may work remotely or remain at their college for the analysis activity. Some travel will be required for collective meetings but this will be limited in scale. Please review the pdf Revised Expression of Interest - National Job Evaluation Scheme - Role Analyst Opportunities (September 2019) (97 KB) for further information.

Updated ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ now available in ‘Job Evaluation for Employees’ and ‘Job Evaluation for Line Managers’ sections.