Following our update in July 2022, we can now report that over the past few months, the project team has been concluding on the final quality assurance checks on the scores across all 22 colleges, as part of Stage Two (evaluation of roles) of the project. 

The outcomes from the evaluation process will be presented to individual college HR departments for final feedback during mid-November 2022 before these are presented to the NJNC Job Evaluation Working Group and subsequently to the full NJNC for ratification.

Once Stage Two of the project has concluded, the project team will be able to communicate definite timescales for taking forward Stage Three (development of pay and grading options).

We appreciate your continued support whilst we do the necessary work to conclude Stage Two and we will aim to provide a further update during December 2022.

If you have any questions, you can contact your college HR department, Job Evaluation Project Team or UNISONGMBUnite.