We thought it would be useful to provide a brief update on the Job Evaluation project ahead of the Summer holiday period.

As reported in our previous update at the end of April 2021, the plan was for all first and second scoring to be concluded by early July 2021.  However, following some further updates on the overall list of roles requiring to be evaluated and with this, the delay in receiving the completed Role Outline Questionnaires, along with several Role Analysts having left the project in recent months, we have had to revisit these timescales. 

It is our utmost priority to ensure that all first and second scoring is not only completed but follows the agreed process, so that everyone can have confidence in the final outcomes.  We are now estimating, taking into account significant holiday period over the Summer, that we will require up to six months (end December 2021) to conclude this stage of the project.

This latest development does not however mean that project activity is not progressing at pace.  We can confirm that 76% of the roles across the 21 colleges have been through the final scoring process (both first and second scored) and that work around pay and grading continues, with weekly dialogue taking place between both the support staff and management sides which will continue over the next few months and start to form the development and costing of revised pay and grade options.

A further update will be provided as college staff return in the new Academic Year. 

Once again, our continued thanks go to the college staff in working to get the required documentation to us and to the Role Analysts who remain with us on the project.

If you have any questions, you can contact your college HR department, Job Evaluation Project Team or UNISONGMBUnite.