We are now over 5 months into live evaluation of the roles and have started on nearly every college in scope.  We are nearly finished the first scoring of 5 colleges and pace is really starting to increase as the analysts become more experienced and we continue to work to refine the guidance around the scheme.  At present we have 21 analysts working on the project with a good balance between staff side and management side nominations on the panels which are working well together.

Our partners in the project at ECC, who provide the scheme we are using, have provided some positive feedback on the work of the analysts and will continue to assist us in ensuring the scheme is applied consistently and correctly.

The timescale for output has however required revision due to the later start of the live evaluation (January 2020 instead of November 2019) and the anticipated pace of work has been slower with outputs now scheduled for quarter 1 2021. Over the coming weeks we will be in touch with colleges who have analysts released to discuss any extensions required.

We would also like to thank staff in colleges for working to get responses to queries back to us quickly, particularly at this time when there are many competing priorities.